Value propositions 
  • Gain fresh IDEAS
  • Structure CONCEPTS
  • Sharpen your STORY
  • Shape PARTNER MoUs
  • Pilot CUSTOMERS (Go-To-market)
  • Win smart FUNDING

Focus: Start-ups, Corp. Partnering

Innovation programs
  • Connect ACTIVATORS
  • Demonstrate PILOTS
  • Decision PROPOSALS
  • Design EVENTS and PR
  • PROGRAM management
  • MENTORing

Focus: Universities, NGOs, Cities, Incubators

Action Research
and Projects
  • Develop PITCHES and grant PROPOSALS
  • CO-FOUNDING projects
  • Lecturing on DATA ECONOMY

Focus: Web3, Coops, NGOs, Universities

Dr. Mark Siebert

Qurios mind & hand

  • Over 20 years of executive expertise in corporate and start-ups
  • (Data) Publishing, Analytics, AI, E-Business & E-Government
  • Internal and external Innovation and Engagement Programs
  • Ecosystem builder, Social entrepreneur, Boundary-spanner, Explorer, Catalyst, Blockchain Explorer, DataUnion Curator
  • Semantic Search Researcher
  • Projects: EdTech-marketplace | AI Lab | System owner | Reporting | Go-To-Market | Sales pipeline
  • Envisioning „Cooperative Knowledge Econo“

Business Developer &
Innovation Designer

Collaborative Data & AI Innovation

„An agent economy“

The internet, social media and the platform economy optimized existing business processes on a global scale. The creators economy is advancing decision-making to a level that challenges „human agency“.

Innovation in the field has to become more responsible, respecting (data) sovereignty, shaping new particative economic models and handling models (trained AI, metadata, simulations, etc.) as digital assets …

Project examples

Inspiration from previous and current engagements

  • Web3 protocol for open data collaboration and fair rewards enabling data-centric AI.
  • Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer
  • Venture building | Token design | Ecosystem and business development | Data projects

Outliers Ventures

  • Accelerating the Open Metaverse
  • Mentor for BaseCamp Accelerator
  • Coaching Web3 start-ups | Partnering

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

  • Developing a ‚LivingLab‘ approach to unlock the university’s data potential for a Smart Campus.
  • Program lead
  • Concept development | Activator Network | Speaker series | Pitches for budget | IoT Lab |Thesis

Contact: Dr. Mark Siebert

KvK Regn. Nr. (Amsterdam): 83856854

Bank IBAN: NL74 KNAB 0411 0250 15

BTW-ID: NL003881280B96

Amsterdam, The Netherlands