Technology allows more and more people to afford basic needs and work on the fulfillment of their lives, allowing the human spirit to soar

In our pluristic world we see different systems competing for the right approach. Many seem to follow a Darwinistic approach that one will dominate and win over the other.    

E.O. Wilson suggests to understand Darwins “ survival of the fittest“ as „innate drive to flourish rather than dominate, and that biophilia reflects our inherent inclination to empathize with our fellow creatures and the natural world.“

For those following this humanistic approach the quest is about how to handle such transitions ? Those include working with own shifts of mind-set, handling insecurities, fears of loss, healing traumata and finding ways to not only accept but to constructively engage with people that follow other approaches and ways of interaction.

In recent years we see transition movements and needs, such as collaborative approaches for global phaenomena, such as Climate or Artificial Intelligence, employee’s seeking purpose-driven jobs, calls for Universal Basic Income, post-growth and regenerative economies.  

Along those, the idea of science as a practice of „understand existing, sensible phenomena“ and fact discovery is experiencing enhancements. Social sciences provide the base to providing meaning as of a consensus among people and help to explain our dynamics.

Our societal quests and transition efforts face a design challenge of open-ends. We are still exploring the guiding principles and ideas that in the past were provided inductively by an authority or deductively uncovered based on trusted methods. Instead of shaping the transition between A and B we might see and need now a fluid approach. We can ask about ideas and ambitions, but the nature of system changes is that all answers will be biased by the existing system.

How can we ensure that all can contribute and participate without sacrifizing their sovereignty ?

Yet, asking and refining questions will guide us as we lose authority to judge the answers. We’re not giving up our ways to justify and trust, but we’re invited to obtain inspiration and guidance from other sources.

  • How can we build trust in our collective intuition ? (belief in human potential)
  • How can we allow emerging ideas help us unlearn and find ways to walk paths of insecurity ?
  • How can we provide ways to quicker understand impacts and consequences ? e.g. sandboxes, digital simulations, etc. 

We do not change along pre-defined life events, but become life explorers and travellers handling ongoing adaptations, insights and changes. 


that refreshed their mind, found ideas resonating with their soul and heart

and are working on ways to bring them alive, but feel the resistance of the existing system, regulations or just seek support on their path, Quriosity Studio (QS) provides the spirit of curiosity to connect with their quest and shape it into uniQue niche projects to demonstrate their impact.

The „Q“ in Quriosity is a wordplay on the term „curiosity,“ symbolizing both the essence of Exploration and the pursuit of Knowing (beyond knowledge). The Q stands for

Quintessence – unlocking hidden knowledge and intuition

Quality – maturing over growing

Questions – inquiry and exploration over solutions

What’s now the role of data technology in that pursuit ?

Before something new can manifest and fit into our reality, existing practices, structures or materials have to stop, unwind, adapt or die. In change processes, it’s an own deliberate phase. Theory U from Otto Scharmer calls it „letting go“. It’s important to make peace with the existing, acknowledge its contribution and to let it go. Making space for something new or to carry parts of it over.

TECHNOLOGY has two roles. On the one side it helps us to free-up human time and capacities for change and to embrace the new, e.g. by automatising processes, etc. On the other side, it can help shape, envision the new – as long as it stays in a healthy and sustainable human relation.

Quriosity Studio (QS) accompanies entrepreneurs, projects or initiatives on their impact journeys,

predominantly in the knowledge, experience and civil society sectors. Curiosity seeks to find the Quintessence for an authentic value proposition and provides the creativity to expand their field of opportunities. Oversight around data sovereignity, AI and blockchain help identify partners and niches and rich management experiences offer format, guidance and reflection, like a private Venture Studio.

Coaches provide a safe space to discover your true nature, help you exel in your projects, but mostly do not provide the inspiration to think out of the box. They rely on your own capacity.

Consultants provide good practices, and connections and expertise in re-usable form, like methods or processes, but do not have the answers to the transformations either. They can help you follow and apply a certain approach.

Advisors bring many years of experience and expertise and can enrich your projects, once you know, which knwoeldge and expertise you’re lacking or have them identify the gaps. Yet, they often haven’t been there either, where you want to go.

Quriosity Studio hasn’t either and hence acts more as a „Sherpa“, strengthening and empowering your own Curiosity. It walks alongside you for a part of the journey with you in the lead. Building on your core drive, QS uses ideas, scenarios, examples to sharpen your intuitive suggestions and mature your AUTHENTIC value proposition.


What Quriosity stands for… what I bring to the table… Quality, Questions/Quest, Out of the box…. Studio is shaping together

….my mission around transformation (link to a blog) leading to freeing up humanity for Deep Play (define or new word)

…As an INFJ, I do this through intuition and advisory, identifying and activating hidden potentials in people to drive this….. Quriosity

I do this in three formats that cross polinate each other.

<circle of the three> with links….. STUDIO

…my focus: CSOs, social capital and automating the rest (AI, data) to balance it.

7 10, 11 and 15!

Taglines, chatGpt

Of course, here are 20 taglines for Quriosity Studio:

1. „Embark on Transformative Journeys with Quriosity Studio.“

2. „Guiding the Experience Sector: Quriosity Studio’s Quests & Advisory.“

3. „Unveiling New Horizons: Quriosity Studio’s Impactful Pathways.“

4. „Empowering Experience & Civil Society: Quriosity’s Unique Approach.“

5. „Where Curiosity Meets Impact: Quriosity Studio’s Quests.“

6. „Elevating Experiences, Empowering Impact – Quriosity Studio.“

7. „Crafting Change through Curated Quests: Quriosity Studio.“

8. „Quests Redefined: Quriosity Studio’s Path to Empowerment.“

9. „Navigating Change in the Experience Sector: Quriosity Studio.“

10. „Empowering Your Journey: Quriosity Studio’s Impact Programs.“

11. „Curiosity Unleashed: Quriosity Studio’s Transformative Quests.“

12. „Experience Elevated, Impact Amplified: Quriosity Studio.“

13. „Unlocking Potential in Civil Society: Quriosity Studio’s Approach.“

14. „Where Experience Meets Purpose: Quriosity Studio’s Quests.“

15. „Crafting Impactful Experiences: Quriosity Studio’s Expertise.“

16. „Navigating Change Together: Quriosity Studio’s Quests & Advisory.“

17. „Empowering Impact in Society: Quriosity Studio’s Vision.“

18. „Elevating Experiences, Enabling Change: Quriosity Studio.“

19. „Experience the Difference: Quriosity Studio’s Transformative Quests.“

20. „Igniting Curiosity, Driving Impact: Quriosity Studio’s Journey.“

Feel free to choose the ones that resonate the most with your brand and target audience!

Absolutely, here are the short explainers for the taglines you’ve chosen:

7. „Crafting Change through Curated Quests: Quriosity Studio“

– Explainer: Quriosity Studio specializes in curating transformative journeys called quests. These quests are carefully designed experiences that guide individuals and organizations through a process of self-discovery, learning, and growth. With a focus on the experience and civil society sector, Quriosity Studio’s quests lead participants on a path of change and empowerment, helping them craft meaningful impact.

10. „Empowering Your Journey: Quriosity Studio’s Impact Programs“

– Explainer: Quriosity Studio offers a range of impact programs that empower individuals and organizations within the experience and civil society sector. These programs are designed to equip participants with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to drive positive change. Through expert guidance and immersive experiences, Quriosity Studio supports the journey towards impactful transformation.

11. „Curiosity Unleashed: Quriosity Studio’s Transformative Quests“

– Explainer: Quriosity Studio invites you to embrace your curiosity and embark on transformative quests. These quests are immersive experiences that blend exploration, learning, and personal growth. By engaging participants in thought-provoking challenges and opportunities for self-discovery, Quriosity Studio’s transformative quests empower individuals and organizations to unleash their full potential.

15. „Crafting Impactful Experiences: Quriosity Studio’s Expertise“

– Explainer: Quriosity Studio is dedicated to crafting impactful experiences within the experience and civil society sector. With a wealth of expertise, the studio excels in designing and delivering programs, events, and initiatives that leave a lasting mark. By combining creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of the sector, Quriosity Studio ensures every engagement is meaningful and purpose-driven.

These explanations should help convey the essence of Quriosity Studio’s offerings and approach as reflected in the chosen taglines.

On Fri, 11 Aug 2023, 10:22 Mark Siebert, <> wrote:

My mission !… Programs around AI and impact to basically achieve this (leverage projects that work (advisory) that emerge from Quests and explorations). Deep Play !!!

The prospect of freeing up the human race from the drudgery of securing its economic survival has long been the dream of philosophers. Allowing the human spirit to soar and roam the vast unexplored social frontier in the age-old spiritual quest to understand the meaning of existence and our place in the grand scheme of things is the most precious gift bestowed on every human being born into this world. For too long we have had to spend an inordinate amount of our limited time on Earth eking out the minimum comforts of survival, leaving little time for deep play in the transcendent realm—making for a less examined life.

….I’m offering ideas, my options, rather really.listening.

I.listen to.which of those options speak to you or what you’d add or.struggle.with. what calls you. Your reaction guides my evolution of the idea…. actually you’re the guide (not me). I’m just picturing, what your guidance might look like and checking what energises you. I sense your excitement, what resonates and what not.

We’re testing and surfacing your deeper believes.

Like an osteopath !

I get inspired by ideas, opporunities that you/someone might buy into, carry forward. Sometimes to catch the fire and run with it, write it down, do your thing… this dialogue is energizing, activating.

It’s not coaching, asking you to find.your own solutions.

It’s not just advising sharing my experiences and good.practices

It’s not consulting, solving it for you, with you.

It’s a mix of it…I call it „activation“ – finding your resonance wave and building on what makes you thrive.