Solving the
CHICKEN &EGG problem
  • Start the PLATFORM
  • Sharpen your CORE
  • Add to your ECOSYSTEM

     –> PITCH & STORY

Finding your
LAUNCH partners
  • Your pilot CUSTOMER
  • Explore FUNDING
  • Team-up with PARTNERS

          –> MoUs

Bringing value to
your CROWD
  • Invite your COMMUNITY
  • Hosting SESSIONS

      –> PROGRAMS

THINKing Qut Qf the bQx  & MENTQRING
  • Fresh IDEAS
  • Turn them into CONCEPTS
  • Shape your STORIES

        –> IDEATION

Dr. Mark Siebert

Qurios mind & hand

  • Over 20 years of corporate and start-up expertise in Publishing, AI and E-business
  • Ecosystem builder, Social entrepreneur, Boundary-spanner, Explorer, Catalyst
  • Blockchain Explorer & DataUnion Curator
  • Semantic Search Researcher
  • Projects: EdTech-marketplace | AI Lab | System owner | Reporting | Go-To-Market | Sales pipeline

Business Developer &
DataUnion Curator

More details on my LinkedIn profile

How it works

Rethinking value propositions

Impact has multiple stakeholders, business mainly one buyer. Regenerative platform businesses need multiple value propositions.


Shaping use cases

Big visions inspire. Practical cases and success stories sell. Working together to shape actionable cases showcases of your „core“.


Connecting partners

Ecosystems provide more than money. Connecting the right partners drives business and impact on a win-win base.


Nurturing your passion

„It’s your baby“ – and an amazing learning journey. Walking alongside to match your passion with your business.


Thinking like your customer

What matters to big for-profits and what to small projects ? Imagining with you the stories to pitch to your customer.


Shaping smart funding

Investors seek financial returns with societal impact. Matching their and your approaches how to achieve them. Open to smart ways of compensation.

Project examples

Inspiration from previous and current engagements

  • Web3 protocol for open data collaboration and fair rewards enabling data-centric AI.
  • Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer
  • Venture building | Token design | Ecosystem and business development | Data projects

Outliers Ventures

  • Accelerating the Open Metaverse

  • Mentor for BaseCamp Accelerator
  • Coaching Web3 start-ups | Partnering

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

  • Developing a ‚LivingLab‘ approach to unlock the university’s data potential for a Smart Campus.
  • Program lead
  • Concept development | Activator Network | Speaker series | Pitches for budget | IoT Lab |Thesis

Technology & Data

Blockchain / AI

Data ECOSYSTEMS and spaces

Impact & business

ORGANIC GROWTH initiatives

Purpose-led business

Passion & Skills

Crowdwork & smart niches


The secret of success

Spanning boundaries

Contact: Dr. Mark Siebert

KvK Regn. Nr. (Amsterdam): 83856854

Bank IBAN: NL74 KNAB 0411 0250 15

BTW-ID: NL003881280B96

Amsterdam, The Netherlands