QURIOSITY – Activating your intuition

Quriosity Studio is crafting impactful experiences and transformative joureys around your projects and ventures in the tech, experience and civil society sector.

Quriosity is a word play combining „curiosity“ as the essence of Exploration and „Q“ as the Knowing – the wisdom beyond knowledge.

Along those lines Q stands for:

  • Quintessence – unlocking hidden knowledge and intuition
  • Quality  – maturing over growing
  • Questions – inquiry and exploration over solutions

We are a companion for your intuition and ideas. Together we find and test forms and approaches that best embody your intuition and values. We are building on what makes you thrive. 

We use ideas, scenarios, examples to mature your authentic value proposition and provide clarity. Your authentic value proposition will shape future markets and inspire partners in times where they can’t tell you their needs.

STUDIO – Transformative journeys

Quriosity Studio accompanies entrepreneurs, projects or initiatives on their impact journeys. As „Sherpas“ we walk alongside you for a part of the journey co-creating viable niche impact projects, led by a spirit of curiosity through quests and advisory. We allow your soul and heart surface, what the mind does not see. We’re not just asking you to find your own solutions, we’re not solving it for you, we’re part of them until you run on your own.

Sherpas act sometimes as Advisors bringing many years of experience, methods and good practices to enrich your projects. Sometimes Sherpas provide as Coaches a safe space to discover your true nature. And sometimes we help you practically as Consultants with inspiration out of the box and hands-on solutions and contacts to exel in your projects.

In practice, we walk through your ideas, storytell their consequences and explore your deeper believes. Like an osteopath, we listen to what calls you in essence, which options speak to you and what you struggle with. You’re guiding our envisioning and together we sense what resonates and excites us.

thru sovereign & participatory automation

While many fear the dominance of autonomous systems, we embrace technology and automation as infrastructure opportunity to creating the space for the New to emerge – as long as it supports our sovereignty and participation.

Inspired by E.O Wilson (Unity of knowledge), we see “ the prospect of freeing up the human race from the drudgery of securing its economic survival has long been the dream of philosophers. Allowing the human spirit to soar and roam the vast unexplored social frontier in the age-old spiritual quest to understand the meaning of existence and our place in the grand scheme of things is the most precious gift bestowed on every human being born into this world. For too long we have had to spend an inordinate amount of our limited time on Earth eking out the minimum comforts of survival, leaving little time for deep play in the transcendent realm—making for a less examined life.“

Social technologies support transformation and change, like the phase of „letting go“ in Otto Sharmer’s Theory U. It’s important to make peace with the existing, acknowledge its contribution and to let it go. Making space for something new or to carry parts of it over. Technology on the one side helps us to free-up human time and capacities for change and to embrace the new, e.g. by automatising processe. It helps on the other side shape, envision the new – as long as it stays in a healthy and sustainable human relation.